About Me

My name is Tyler Gillen. Self-discovery is just part of my life.  I am drawn to the Shamans of South America and the medicine people of North America and have studied with them both.  These experiences have strengthened my nature of being a dreamer and a visionary artist.

Working with indigenous peoples, I have found that storytelling and this passing down of knowledge and wisdom is very powerful.  

My life has always been about working with my hands, creating art, furniture, building homes, doing photography and being in nature. 

All of my life experience has culminated in the creation of Starmedicine Productions.  I am excited about capturing beauty and emotion on film and sharing these messages by using technology as a positive link to empowerment.  

Please visit my Videos page for examples of my filmmaking.

I am married and live with my family in Johnson, Vermont.  We maintain a simple life working toward more sustainability, toward community and greater awareness of self and beyond.  For more information, take a look at my resume.


                                       I have always been struck by Gandhi’s quote,   

                                                       “ Be the change you want to see”.   


                                                 The real power comes from within us.  

                                            Take responsibility for ourselves. 

                                                We can change the world and reclaim our true power.


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