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Can assist as a crew member in cooperative film projects. 
Can help with set construction and design. 
Can assist you in your personal and business filming projects
Can create any length project, create videos for your website, YouTube site or advertising campaign.

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Gear : 


     Sony PMW-200 XDCAM HD422 1080p
     Panasonic AG-DVX100b 720p
     (2) Atomos Samurai Blade - Monitor/Recorder

Camera Support:

     Manfrotto 351 MVB2 Sticks w/503 HDV fluid head
     2' Rhino Slider
     Cobra Crane - Steady Tracker Xtreme 
     10' Feather Crane Plus 

      Sennheiser MKH-416
      AKG C 451b
      Sure SM58
      Rode Pinmic 1/8" or XLR
      Zoom H1 recorder

       K-TEK 3'-3"- 12' boom pole
       Manfrotto 420b combi stands
       Rycote Blimp w/windjammer
       Rycote furries 
       Rycote suspensions 
       Sennheiser HD 280 headphones 
       Monster XLR shielded, Canare & Blue cables      
       Assortment of on-stage boom stands


       Photoflex softbox
       Lowel Tota light
       Lowel Pro-Lights, with barndoors, Dichroic filters, diffused glass, snoots
       Comer LED light on or off camera and other miscellaneous lights
       LED lights
       Manfrotto light stands

        Reflectors, warm cards, dimmers, power cords,
        power strips, sound blankets, 12' back drop stand and lots more stuff
        Apple-Jungle-Daddy, Stage Ape, fog machine

Base station:

        MacBook Pro with desktop setup
        Asus PA246Q24 24'' widescreen LCD monitor
        FCP-7, FCPX
        Mackie HR824 studio monitors

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