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April 1, 2011

I have been meeting with people interested in the film project Second Breath. Will be setting up more meetings in the next month.  Been organizing my equipment to make it road worthy.  Will begin shooting when spring is in bloom.  I have been very busy with lots of projects.  I am working in the sugarbush now, being with nature.

April 28, 2011
Been doing phone interviews and meeting people to get a feel of how to film them.

June 6, 2011

My first filming for Second Breath-Awakened Human Spirit.
I traveled to the Vt Valley Tae Kwon-Do in Wilmington, Vt where I filmed George Adair.
The filming consisted of people in the Tae Kwon Do community participating in class.  Later in the evening I sat down with George Adair and he shared some of his stories.  Your stories were inspiring.  It was a great first shoot!  Thank you, George and the Tae Kwon Do community for your participation in this project.

June 14, 2011

I filmed Theresa and Yukio McDonough in Burlington, VT at Diversity Studios. These people are doing some really good work. They are providing the opportunity for creative self-expression and accessibility of the arts to the community. Thanks, was good to be in your presence.  You can check them out at

              June 21, 2011

  Thanks to everyone who came to the Summer Solstice Ceremony!

June 24, 2011

Filmed Lisa Buell at the Vermont Studio Center, Yoga Studio in Johnson, VT.  Lisa shared her powerful experience of Journey Dance.  It was a true expression of freedom of spirit.  The air was electric.  Hopefully I captured this on film.  I will be filming Lisa on July 8 th Soul painting and a sit down interview. Thank you Lisa for sharing a part of yourself. Jake also helped out with the filming, thank you Jake.


July 6, 2011

Marci Young was filmed outside down by the pond behind her home. This was my first outside filming. It was mostly overcast with a little rain and found it a bit tricky using one big light (the sun). Debby my partner helped in the shoot, thank you ! I found shooting outside was a much easier set-up, at least for this shoot. Also for the first time I used my Sennheiser shotgun mic, thought it  sounded very natural.  Thanks Marci for sharing your monologue with us, sharing your experiences of couch surfing the west.  It was a pleasure to listen, always wondering what or who was going to pop up next. Nice to have Willow join us as well.

July 8, 2011

Jake and I filmed Lisa Buell at her house. Lisa demonstrated on film, the process of Painting from the Soul. I found the process to be
free, open,creative, healing and revealing. I would highly recommend this technique to may be some of the most powerful medicine out or should I say in there. It has been a joy to see the work Lisa  does for herself and others.
Later in the day we sat down with Lisa where she shared her life stories and philosophies. Thank you again for sharing a part of yourself with us. If you are interested in the work Lisa does, you can contact her at

July 15, 2011

    Well, the Universe brought us to Greensboro Vt  where we filmed Wendy Heilig. Wendy's friend, Jennifer Ranz 
gave us the opportunity of filming on her property. I found the setting to be peaceful and to have a very Sacred times slipping into a no time space or I suppose more like being in the moment, present. Thank you Jennifer for allowing us to share that experience. 

   Wendy had a lot to share of her journey in the Human experience. It was really nice to hear what she was saying, because it was relavent to most people, if not all. I was finding myself identifying and having moments of self reflection. It was a pleasure to interview you, thank you.

  Wendy is a Writer, Healing Artist and Recovery/Empowerment Coach.  If you would like to know more or contact Wendy, her website is


       Thanks again Jake for your help & support!


                                   July 16, 2011  

                     What does it mean to be Human and alive?

August 25, 2011

I had the privilege to film Martha Loving Orgain on August 28, 2011.  Martha is a spirit of connection to source.  Her life's work is her passion and devotion to humanity is very evident in her presence.  She had the sense of a very old soul with much wisdom and knowledge.  There was much to share of her journey of life and the works of Rudolf Steiner.

After the filming, Martha asked if I would like to spend the rest of the day with her.  She cooked a lovely lunch where we continued philosophical conversations.  Later in the evening we ended up at the Charlotte beach where we experienced a storm approaching from the west and heading straight toward us.  

The rain storm seemed to hold some kind of powerful gifts for us.  We were both thinking there must be a rainbow  so we jumped in the vehicle and went searching for it. We were on a mission and at one point I said, "Wow, we can create this new TV show called Rainbow Chasers".  We did find the rainbow and it seemed to complete the magical day. Thank you Martha for sharing the treasures at the end of the rainbow.

Martha is an Artist, Astrologer and works with Color and Sound Balancing.  If you would like to know more or contact Martha, her website is


 Breathe in LOVE........Breathe out LOVE........

                          Here are some videos that really inspire me as a filmmaker

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

September 6-10                                           Pictures of our vacation in Maine


                                                We gain Life by looking at Life

September 14, 2012

   Filmed Lisa & Joni at the South end of Lake Willoughby.  Lisa and Joni danced with the water spirits  as the sun rested into the western sky. 

October 10, 2012

I will be taking a break filming interviews for Second Breath.  It is now time to shoot stock footage for S.B.
Also, it's time to go work....more $ to support family, film making and all the other things life brings....